1 Location: Pick somewhere close to work, the quicker you can get to the venue the quicker you will have an ice cold drink in your hand.

2 Ring ahead: By ringing ahead and speaking with the bookings manager you may be able to secure a better spot, location within the venue or even secure a better deal on your food and drinks package.

3 Menu choices: Are you on a limited time frame? Let the venue know in advance, they may be able to send you a menu for your staff to pick beforehand. If you then have a certain time frame they can accommodate that by making sure they have your meals ready when you arrive.

4 Godfather deals: A godfather deal is where the venue contributes to your tab if it is of size to secure your booking. When ringing the venue ask if they have any current godfather deals, you will be surprised. If you have a budget you may get more value for your spend by confirming a large function. Be it a free drink for each staff member or an overall amount on your tab, it does not hurt to ask!

5 Be transparent: Have a theme or concept you are celebrating? Let the venue know, they may have décor that suits and can help dress up a room to add to your theme. Or they may be able to tailor some cocktails or drinks. For example, a going away in summer may call for margaritas and long island ice teas or a winter or EOFY party may call for mulled wine and espresso martinis. By being transparent with the venue, they can help add that extra 1% to ensure your work function is successful and well received by everyone in attendance.