Five Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can involve a laundry list of things to check off and delegate. With EOFY event season coming up, we thought we’d highlight the five key points to make sure your event is a success.

Know your guests

The key to making your sure your party is one to be remembered, is remembering who your party is for! Is your team the type that likes to dance or more of a docile group? The difference will be choosing a two-course dinner or a DJ and dance floor. Corporate events are a good opportunity to make your staff or clients feel valued while you build your desired company culture. It’s always a good idea to get some staff feedback about what they would like to do, as they’re the ones that will make the celebration great. The purpose of corporate event is to recognise and reward your staff or show your clients how much you value them. Put on a show that they’ll remember.

Pro tip: Provide your staff some different ideas and ask for some feedback. Without a few suggestions that allude to your budget, you’re more than likely to get a few people suggesting a night out in Vegas as the best idea. If you can afford it, why not?! (and can I work for you too!?)


Will your guests get into themes or will they prefer something that takes them a little less effort? We’ve seen all types of events at RMH and the ideas are endless! Here are few we’ve hosted to get your inspiration flowing:

  • Al la carte dining with a band that can start slow and ramp it up once the meals are finished.
  • Team talent shows can either be a hilarious hit or an extremely cringe worthy affair(refer to point 1).
  • Cocktails, DJ and canapes is simple to orchestrate event and will always impress.
  •  Theme’s, theme’s and more theme’s. There are infinite theme ideas, for a few you haven’t thought of, check out: Four theme ideas for your Melbourne event. It’s also worth mentioning the number of memorable thematic 21st birthday parties we held at RMH.

Pro tip: Although a DJ or a band will add some gravitas to your gathering,when budget is an issue we’ve seen some wailing parties with a pre-populated Spotify playlist. Just make sure you delegate this role wisely!


Now you know what style of event you’ll hold, let’s talk about food. Things to ask yourself while pre-planning: Does your venue provide food and drink packages, or will you need to organise your own? Are you thinking about having a sit down dinner, or will your guests be picking from roving canapés? Are you catering to all dietary requirements? You don’t want forget about the vegans in the HR department.

Pro Tip: More canapes are always better than less. Someone from the I.T. team will be camping out near the kitchen door. It won’t be until they’ve had their fill that anyone else will get a chance.


You’ve worked out who your crowd is and what they’ll like. You have an idea of what entertainment will work and the catering you require. Now, what venue will work best? You’re not short of choices when it comes to Melbourne function and event spaces. Look for a venue that takes most of the burdens off you; supplies the food, drops the music you want and can give you something that is a little different. Is it spectacular views or is in a heritage location? The venue and their staff can make or break the success of your night.

Pro Tip: Make it easier on your team by picking a convenient location. Keeping it close to a train station and easily accessible transport will help eliminate the risk of drink driving.


We’ve touched on this throughout, but we’ll say it anyway: make sure you know how much you have to play and plan accordingly. You can make even the smallest budgets go a long way with the right planning and a suitable venue. Do remember to allocate a little extra for emergencies or last-minute hiccups.

Pro tip: If you need a venue that can do it all but want your EOFY’s party budget to go a little bit further, enquire with RMH today to see if your booking qualifies for $500 additional spend on your function pack.

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